How to Record a Phone Call for a Podcast

Recording a remote podcast interview can be a bit of a challenge if your guest only has access to a smartphone. However, there’s no need to worry as with the right coaching tips and software options, you can still get quality audio for your podcast.

Firstly, it’s best to keep things simple. If the only option for your guest is to use their phone, let them use it and focus on what they have to say. Instead of sending them a microphone or a whole podcast studio, you can offer some coaching tips to ensure you get the best audio quality possible.

Here are some coaching tips to offer your guests:

– Make sure they are in a quiet place where they won’t be interrupted. A spare bedroom, home office, or walk-in closet are great options.

– Encourage them to use Apple earbuds or something similar. The microphone on a smartphone isn’t great and headphones with microphones can provide better audio quality.

– Ensure that they have a strong internet connection or cellphone signal. No matter how good your set up is on your end, if your guest has a poor signal, it can be difficult to edit out any interruptions.

Once you’ve given your guests some coaching tips, it’s time to look at recording software options. Here are some of the top options:

1. Zoom – Zoom provides you with a phone number that your guests can call in on for the interview. You can use your own microphone and recording equipment, and the audio quality is usually better than other options.

2. Skype – Chances are, your guest already has Skype downloaded, so they can use the smartphone app to dial in. You can use recording software like Ecamm Recorder or Audio Hijack to record the interview.

3. Google Voice – This is the easiest phone-to-phone option. Your guest can dial into a free Google Voice number and you can download the audio recording when you’re done. The audio quality may not be as good as the other options but it’s super simple.

Remember, no matter which recording software you use, make sure you have a strong signal and a good recording environment.

Thanks for reading, and happy podcasting!


What is the best way to record a phone call for a podcast?
You can record phone calls on your podcast using VoIP tools like Zoom, Skype, or Google Voice. You can also set up a mix-minus, record a double-ender, or use remote recording software like SquadCast.
Can you make a podcast from a phone call?
PHONE RECORDING The fastest and easiest way to create a podcast. Just call someone using the app and your call will be turned into a podcast for you. Fast, simple, and easy for you and your guest.
How can I record audio from a phone call?
Open the Phone app .Make or receive a call.To record your call, on the ongoing call screen, tap Record.To stop recording, tap Stop recording .