How to Make Goat Butter in Zelda Breath of the Wild

Do you want to complete all side quests in Zelda Breath of the Wild but don’t know where to get certain ingredients like fresh milk, sugar cane, gold butter, Goron spice, and monster extract? In this post, we will show you how to get each of these ingredients, which shops to buy them, and even some hidden places you can get them.

Firstly, fortified pumpkins and Swift carrots can only be bought, but they can also be dropped from enemies. Fresh milk, sugar cane, gold butter, and Goron spice add extra time to a dish, with Goron spice adding the most. As for monster extract, it will give a random bonus, such as making a dish last longer or adding or subtracting hearts.

If you need these materials to complete some side quests, we have listed them below:

– What’s for Dinner side quest in Lurlin Kiana asks for gold butter

– Cooking with Coco and Kakariko Coco also asks for gold butter

– Corey Ford ails you in Rito’s stable Lester asks for Goron spice

– A Royal Recipe side quest in the Riverside stable asks for either of two dishes, one of which requires sugar cane, goat butter, and monster extract

– Apparents Love quest in Tarrytown also asks for the same dish

Now, let’s talk about where to find those materials. For gold butter, you can buy them from the shops in Rito Village, Kakariko Village, or from traveling merchants. For sugar cane, you can buy them from the shops in Gerudo City, Rito Village, and Korok Forest, or from traveling merchants when it’s raining. For fresh milk, you can buy them from the shop in Hatino Village or from traveling merchants. Additionally, you can get fresh milk from the Sheep Rustler side quest in Hatino Village. For Goron spice, you can buy them from Goron City or from traveling merchants. Finally, for monster extract, you can get them from Kilton after you find him for the first time.

One tip for farming these materials is to know that all shops restock after midnight when you’re not close to them. You can buy them, travel somewhere far away, sit until the next day, then go back and buy them again. Another way to farm is to go on a shopping spree, buy all the items, keep traveling around Hyrule, and buy everything. By the time you get back, all the items should be restocked.

We hope this guide on how to make goat butter in Zelda Breath of the Wild has been helpful. Don’t forget to check out our playlist with almost everything in the game that you can find. Thanks for reading!