How to Get a Horse in Breath of the Wild

You must approach horses slowly and from behind . If the horse spots you, it will run away. By pressing down on the Z button, Link will crouch down and crawl walk towards the horse. Wearing armor from the Sheikah Set is the most effective for increased stealth.

Breath of the Wild is a vast open-world game with many activities to enjoy. However, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game is exploring the world on horseback. In this guide, we will show you how to get your first horse and how to catch it.

Before we begin, it is essential to note that you cannot catch a horse without having 20 rupees. So, keep playing until you find a merchant to sell some stuff or find some rupees out in the wild.

If you are yet to find a stable, transport back to where the game started at the resurrection shrine. The closest stable to this location is through the passageway at the dueling peaks. Those are the two big mountains facing each other in the distance. You can see if your map will let you transport closer to this location. However, if not, it’s not that far.

Once you make it through the passage between the dueling Peaks, you’ll find a stable right next to the shrine. Near every stable out in the open, you can usually find a group of horses roaming around.

If you happen to have food or an elixir that increases your stealth, go ahead and use it. Sneak up behind the horse, and as soon as you get close enough, push a button to mount it. If the horse goes crazy and throws you off, just try another horse. You’re eventually going to find one that lets you ride it right away.

It’ll be a little difficult to control once you mount a wild horse, so keep soothing it and make your way back to the stable. Once back at the stable, target the guy at the window and talk to him. Pay him 20 rupees and register your new horse. That’s it! You now have a horse.

Exploring the world of Breath of the Wild on horseback is an enjoyable experience. We hope this guide helps you get your first horse and get started on your journey.


Can you tame a horse in Breath of the Wild?
In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link has the ability to tame and ride any wild horse you can find in the game. Wild Horses tend to congregate in wide open plains - like in Central Hyrule Field or by the Dueling Peaks, but can also be found in variety of the locations.
How much stamina do you need to tame a horse?
Taming the giant horse requires at least one-and-a-half circles of stamina if you mash the L button as fast as humanly possible, according to the video from Javier Dos S. on Youtube. However, if you'd rather use your Spirit Orbs to upgrade your health you can still pull this off.