How to Defeat Lynels in Breath of the Wild

Aim for the head, hitting the head will stun the Lynel, while the Lynel is stunned keep aiming for the head nonstop, the constant hits from the bow will decrease the Lynel's health and kill it eventually.

Lynels can be one of the toughest enemies to face in Breath of the Wild, but with a little bit of knowledge and strategy, you can take them down with ease. There are five different types of Lynels, ranging from weakest to strongest: red, blue, white, silver, and gold (only in master mode). The level of Lynels that you encounter will depend on how many divine beasts you have freed and how many Lynels you have already defeated.

Approaching a Lynel can be intimidating, but they will not attack you unless you pull out a weapon, get too close, or stand there long enough. Each Lynel carries a unique bow that can shoot three or five arrows, and specific Lynels carry specific types of arrows. If you are too far away, they will shoot arrows at you with great accuracy. If you hide, they will shoot arrows from above, so getting close is the best option.

Lynels have several different attacks, but they all have specific ways to counter them. If they are carrying a spear, their only unique attack is a thrust. Parrying the moment the Lynel hits the ground is the best way to counter this attack. If they are carrying a sword, they have several unique attacks, including a three-lateral swing and a lateral attack. You can parry or dodge these attacks for a flurry rush. If they are carrying a crusher, they have a three-vertical attack, a running stronger vertical attack, and a spin attack. You can dodge sideways for either of the vertical attacks, but for the stronger vertical attack, parrying or taking it with your shield is the best option. If you aren’t in front of them, they will do a spin attack. You can stay in front of them to prevent this from happening, jump back to dodge for a flurry rush, or try to duck under their belly.

All Lynels have a few attacks that they can do, such as a run and charge, horizontal attack, and fireballs. To counter the charge attack, jump to the side or dodge for a flurry rush. For the horizontal attack, jump back, and for the fireballs, closer to him is easier to dodge them. If you see him roar, you should have time to run away, but parrying is the best option.

Lynels can be stunned by shooting them in the face with an arrow or using Urbosa’s Fury. Once they are stunned, you can hit them with anything, shoot them in the face, or mount their back. While on their back, you can hit them up to five times. This is the best time to use your strongest weapon as it does no damage to your weapon. After they throw you off, make sure you go to bullet time one more time to shoot them in the back of the head for more damage.

Finally, don’t be scared of Lynels. The only way to get better at defeating them is by trying. Save before you fight, and remember that you can help yourself with buffs and temporary hearts. With these strategies, you’ll be taking down Lynels in no time!


What are Lynels weak against?
For a Lynel, it's main weak spot is in the face, and hitting one with an arrow at the right time will stun it for a few seconds, similarly to Hinox and Stallnox, though for less time.
What is the most effective weapon against Lynel?
As we mentioned in our guide on how to defeat Lynels, it's best to try and keep your distance for as long as possible due to the power behind their melee attacks. Because of this, we'd suggest having something like a Great Eagle Bow since you can fire three arrows at once without rinsing through your resources.