How to Install Arlo Doorbell: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you ready to install your new Arlo video doorbell? In this guide, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step process to ensure your installation is a success.

Before beginning, make sure you have the necessary tools, such as a Phillips head screwdriver, a ladder (if needed), tape, and a power drill with a six-millimeter size drill bit (if required). You will also need to download the Arlo app to your phone or tablet and create an Arlo account if you are a new user.

The first step in the installation process is locating your existing doorbell chime and breaker or fuse box. Chime boxes are typically mounted on a wall near the front door or in a hallway. Once you’ve located your chime box, turn off the power at the breaker or fuse box and ensure there is no power to your time box and doorbell by ringing the doorbell.

Next, remove the cover of the chime box and follow the prompts based on your configuration to determine the proper terminals to attach the power kit to. First, connect the power kit wires to the terminals in your chime box as prompted by the Arlo app and tighten the screws. Make sure the existing chime wires are still connected to the terminals. The colors of the existing wires may vary, so use the illustration in the app to confirm that the power kit is wired correctly.

After the wiring is complete, peel off the adhesive film from the back of the power kit and place the power kit inside or on the outside of the chime box. For best placement, try to place it in a location where the power kit and its wires won’t interfere with the operation of your time spots.

Now it’s time to replace your existing doorbell with the Arlo video doorbell. First, unscrew your old doorbell and disconnect the wires, being careful that the wires don’t fall back into the wall. Tape them to the wall to ensure they stay in place.

Use the release pin to detach the mounting plate from the rear of the video doorbell by pressing through the bottom release hole. Position the mounting plate on the wall, keeping the wires and hole positioned toward the bottom of the mounting plate as shown. You may need to drill new holes for the mounting plate if your existing wire doorbell’s holes were in a different location. Secure the mounting plate to the wall using the included screws.

Connect the wires from the wall to your Arlo video doorbell. Either wire can connect to either terminal. Wrap the wires behind the screws and then screw them tight. Once the wires have been connected and screwed in, snap the doorbell onto the mounting plate with an up and in motion.

Next, turn the power back on, and the light on the front of the doorbell will turn solid white. Tap “continue” on the Arlo app to continue setup. Your phone will need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your video doorbell. Press the doorbell button to start the sync, and the LED on the front of the doorbell will flash white.

Hold the QR code in front of your Arlo video doorbell, and you will hear a chime. Create a unique name for your video doorbell that will help you identify it later. Once your video doorbell has been found, it will search for any available firmware updates.

After completing the installation, select “continue” on the Arlo app, and the app will prompt you to set up Arlo Smart, a subscription-based service that delivers personalized notifications of events that matter. Arlo Smart stores your recorded clips for up to 30 days so you can look back at past events and share clips with authorities, neighbors, or family.

Congratulations! Your Arlo video doorbell is now active, and you can enjoy greater peace of mind with Arlo video doorbell.