How to Get Free Ringtones from iTunes

Are you tired of the same old ringtones on your iPhone? Do you want to make a ringtone from a song you already have in your iTunes library? In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a ringtone from your iTunes library for your iPhone.

First, open up the iTunes application and find the song you want to turn into your ringtone. Right-click on the song and left-click on “Get Info”. Underneath the “Options” tab, set the duration that you want the song to play on the ringtone (typically about 45 seconds is sufficient) and adjust the start time so you’re not getting cut off with any blank music before the music actually starts playing.

Once you’ve set the duration and start time, left-click on the start and the stop checkboxes and click on “OK” to save your changes. While this file is still selected, go up to the “File” tab at the top left and left-click on “Convert”, then left-click on “Create AAC Version”.

There will be a new song with the same name but it’s only 45 seconds. Right-click on it and select “Show in Finder” (or Windows Explorer for Windows users), and change the file extension name to “.m4r” by left-clicking on “Rename” and adding “.m4r” at the end.

Once you’ve changed the file extension name, you can minimize out of this window, go back to iTunes, left-click on “Music” and then “Edit Menu”. Underneath “Tones”, click next to the box here and put the little bell, and click on “Done”.

Now, left-click on “Tones” and open up the file explorer window again. You can directly link it up, paste it in, and then sync it up with your iPhone. Once it’s synced up, you can go to “Sounds” on your iPhone settings, underneath “Ringtone” and select this ringtone from the list of available ringtones.

Enjoy your new custom ringtone!


Are iTunes ringtones free?
Can You Create iPhone Ringtones for Free? Normally, you need to pay a fee in order to make a ringtone using the iTunes software. Not only that, but the only songs that you can use are ones purchased from the iTunes Store. This means that you are effectively paying twice for the same song.
How do I download a ringtone from iTunes?
Open the iTunes Store app.Tap More.Tap Tones.Find a ringtone that you want to buy, then tap the price.Choose an option to automatically set the ringtone. Or tap Done to decide later.You might need to enter your Apple ID password to complete your purchase.