How to Use Genius on iTunes

If you’re an iTunes user, you probably know about the Genius feature. However, you might not be using it to its full potential. In this blog post, we’ll go over how to use Genius on iTunes to discover new songs and rediscover old ones.

Firstly, you can activate or deactivate Genius from the file menu and library. It’s updated by iTunes every week, but you can also do it manually.

There are a few different ways to use Genius. One is to start Genius Shuffle. What this does is select a random song and then selects more songs from your library that go well with it. To start Genius Shuffle, hold the option key and click the back button, which turns into a Genius button. This will start a new song, and in the “Up Next” list, you can see what songs are selected to go along with this first one.

For a less random selection, you can create a Genius playlist from a song. To do that, start playing a song, then go to the file menu, click “New,” and then “Genius Playlist.” This will save the list as a new playlist with the current song’s title. You can’t add songs manually to a Genius playlist, but you can remove them. It can also be added to “Up Next” just like any other playlist.

If you want to refresh a Genius playlist to have Genius-free think the list, click the refresh button that appears. This is best to do after new songs or albums have been added to your library. Use the triple dots button to display Genius suggestions for a song. You can select a suggested song to begin playing it, or all the suggestions can be saved as a playlist.

Lastly, you can play Genius mixes, which exist at the top of your playlist. Click on a Genius mix to begin listening and view the songs in the list from “Up Next.”

Genius can be a great way to find new songs that you like or rediscover songs in your library that you might not have listened to in a while. So, try out these different ways to use Genius on iTunes and see what new music you can discover!


How does Genius work on iTunes?
Genius Playlists: Choose a song, and iTunes creates a playlist of songs that sound great together. Genius Mixes: Choose a genre, and iTunes plays selections of songs that play continuously, like commercial-free radio stations. You can have up to 12 Genius Mixes.
How do I access Genius on Apple music?
Genius Playlists appear in the sidebar, below Music Playlists. A Genius Playlist has the Genius icon next to it. In the Music app on your Mac, click Songs in the sidebar. Select a song, then choose File >, New >, Genius Playlist.
How do you turn on Genius on iTunes on iPhone?
Launch App Store.Tap the Genius tab.Tap Turn on Genius' Apple prompts you to enter your Apple ID password. After you will be asked to agree to Apple terms and privacy conditions. ... Now you turned on Genius, the Genius tap shows you app recommendations.
How do I use Genius shuffle on iTunes?
In the Music app on your Mac, choose Controls >, Genius Shuffle or press Option-Space bar. in the playback controls. To change the selection of songs, repeat the above step.