How to Download Free Music on iTunes

1.2 Free on iTunes You go to the iPhone store from iTunes and open Quick Links. Instead of the podcast, this time you will choose 'Free on iTunes'. You will then enter Apple's world of free music offerings. As you did with the podcast downloads, here too you will click on the 'Free' button.

Are you tired of trying to download music from sketchy websites or using unreliable file-sharing applications? Look no further! We have found the easiest and safest way to download music directly from the internet – and it involves using iTunes Media Browser.

Firstly, it doesn’t matter whether you have a Mac or Windows computer, all you need is a browser to access your downloads. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Then, head over to iTunes Store and choose an album or song you would like to download. We suggest downloading entire albums to make the process quicker.

Now, open Firefox and search for the artist or song title you want to download. Add “mediafire space dot zip” to the end of your Google search and browse through the links that appear. Choose links that end in “.zip” and have a file size of over 20 megabytes. You want to avoid downloading files from sites such as Rapidshare or ShareBeast.

Once you have found a suitable link, click on it and wait for the download to complete. This process usually takes no more than 2 minutes. As Mediafire needs to generate revenue, you will be presented with an advertisement. Close this and move onto the next step.

When the download is complete, go to your downloads folder and find the “.zip” file. Click on it and it should open a folder containing the songs you just downloaded. Choose the mp3 files and drag them into iTunes. You will see the program copying the songs and installing volume levels and artwork, just like when you download songs from iTunes.

Finally, head over to your iTunes music library and enjoy your new downloads! The songs are of the same quality as those purchased from iTunes and have all the necessary links so iTunes thinks they were downloaded from their store.

Give this method a try and let us know how it works for you in the comments below. Trust us, it works 110% of the time, so you can now safely download all the illegal music your heart desires.


Where can I download iTunes songs for free?
Use a website like DatPiff or bandcamp to find free or low-cost music available for download. Using the Finder, copy or cut your downloaded music to your device's clipboard. Open iTunes, navigate to the Library, and click Edit. Paste your downloaded music into iTunes.
How to download music for free?
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