How to Find Your Printer Name, Product Number, and Serial Number

Start by searching on the front of your printer . The printer model could be located on either the top or bottom portion of your printer. The printer model could be found on the top portion of your printer, usually located near the control panel.

When it comes to navigating HP’s customer care website to download the latest drivers, find product information, order replacement parts, find troubleshooting topics, or check warranty status, you need to know your printer name or number. But what exactly is the difference between a printer name, a product number, and a serial number?

The printer name identifies what components were used to build a group of printers, similar to how a car manufacturer gives a specific car a model name. The product number identifies your HP printer within a model number series and establishes the region where that printer is sold. The serial number is unique to an individual printer and is used to check warranty information and track the repair history.

So where can you find your printer name or number? On most printers, the name or number is on the front of the printer, on or next to the printer control panel. On some DeskJet or Photosmart printers, the name or number is located on the top of the printer. On some printers, you need to open the top cover to find the name or number. On some OfficeJets, the name or number is listed on the inside of the ink cartridge access door.

To find the product and serial number, the most common location is on a label on the back of the printer. The product and serial number are on the same label. On some printers, the label is on the bottom of the printer.

It’s important to write down your printer name and number and store them in a safe place for future reference. This information comes in handy when you need to contact customer support or order replacement parts.

In summary, knowing your printer name, product number, and serial number is crucial for navigating HP’s customer care website. By checking the front, top, or inside of your printer, as well as the back or bottom label, you can easily find this information and keep it on hand for future use.