How to Put Ink in an HP Printer

When you get a new HP printer, you will need to install starter ink cartridges. This guide will show you how to do it step by step.

First, switch on the printer and load the paper tray. Place A4 size sheets at the rear tray and also open the output tray which is at the front of the printer.

Next, take your ink cartridges and open the packaging. Remove the orange tape which is the seal for the printer.

Now, open the ink cartridge chamber and install the ink cartridge. The ink cartridge chamber is located at the front of the printer, just push it outside to open the door. Make sure the printer is on, otherwise, the ink cartridge chamber will not move.

Insert the color cartridge at the color side and the black cartridge at the black side. Push it inwards and upwards, hold the printer from one side to make it easier. Once you have done this, close the door.

Your printer will print a printer alignment page, wait for the page to come out and this page has to be scanned on the top glass. Open the top and place the page facing downwards on the right-hand corner. Click on the copy button and it will scan it automatically.

And that’s it! You have successfully installed your new ink cartridges in your HP printer.


Can I refill HP ink cartridges myself?
Yes, you can.