How to Enable 4K on Samsung TV for Optimal HDR Support

As a 4K user, you want to make sure that you get the best possible experience from your television. But what if there’s a problem with the 4K HDR support on your Samsung 4K TV? Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix.

First, check if your device supports 4K HDR by looking at the label, box, or receipt. If it does, but you’re not getting full support when running your Xbox 1x, the solution lies in the external device manager.

Go to the general option and select external device manager. Look for the HDMI UHD color option or something similar, and enable it on the HDMI inputs where your devices are connected. In this case, it’s HDMI 1 for the PS4 and HDMI 3 for the Xbox 1x.

After enabling the HDMI UHD color option, reset your Xbox. The partial support for HDR should now show full support. Keep in mind that some games may require manual activation of HDR support, so make sure to check your settings.

If you have other devices that don’t support HDR, like the Nintendo Switch, don’t enable the HDMI UHD color option. This can cause audio issues.

By following these steps, you can enjoy the optimal HDR support on your Samsung 4K TV. It’s a simple fix that will enhance your viewing experience.


Why is my Samsung 4K TV not showing 4K?
To pass 4K content, the port, cable, and source need to be compliant with a protocol called HDCP 2.2. If your TV won't display 4K content, it's possible you're plugging into an incompatible port. Try another one or check the manual on your TV to see which ports you should be using for UHD.
Why is my Samsung 4K TV only showing 1080P?
it may display as resolution picture mode display setup aspect ratio or Zoom mode. you will find a list of resolutions. within the above option including 720 1080P and Fork you will need to alter this setting on your 4kv. to its native Fork resolution from 1080P or 720.