How to Connect Ring Doorbell to Alexa

Control Your Ring Doorbell or Security Camera with Alexa Open the Alexa app. Tap the three lines (≡) on the bottom right of the screen (More). In the menu that appears, tap Skills &, Games. On the next screen, search for Ring in the search box. After you've found Ring, tap the Enable Skill and Link Accounts button. More items...

If you have a Ring Doorbell and an Amazon Alexa device, you can easily pair them together and access your camera through your Alexa device. In this tutorial, we will show you how to connect your Ring Doorbell to Alexa.

First, you need to download the Amazon Alexa app from the Play Store or App Store. You also need to make sure you have downloaded the Ring app and set up an account with Ring and linked it to your doorbell.

Open the Amazon Alexa app and tap on the menu button. Then, scroll down to “Skills and Games” and tap on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. Search for Ring and tap on the first option with the Ring icon. Tap on “Enable to Use” and sign into your Ring account. Tap “Authorize” to give Alexa permission to access your account.

Once you are linked, close out of the Ring website and tap on “Discover Devices” in the Alexa app. Alexa will search for your Ring Doorbell. Once it is found, tap on “Setup Device.”

You can add your camera to a group if you have multiple cameras or smart devices, or you can skip and have it separate. Once you have made your choice, your front door is set up and ready to use.

To access your camera from your Alexa device, simply say “Alexa, show me my front door.” It will show up on the screen within seconds. You can also tap the screen to turn on the microphone and talk to anyone outside. When you are finished, say “Alexa, go home.”

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How do I get Alexa to connect to Ring doorbell?
Open the Alexa app and tap the three lines (☰) at the bottom right corner.Tap Skills &, Games.Tap the Search icon (magnifying glass) at the top right corner.Type Ring into the search field.Tap Ring (first result)Tap Enable to Use.More items...
Why won t my Alexa connect to my Ring doorbell?
Make sure you are signed in to the Alexa app and Ring app as the Owner of the Ring device. In addition, make sure your Ring profile email matches your Alexa app profile email. Otherwise, you will not be able to access video via Alexa.
Will my Ring doorbell work with Alexa?
Ring doorbells work with Alexa, and there are plenty of ways the two can work together. From the value-packed wired Ring doorbell or the feature-filled Ring Pro 2, Alexa Ring doorbells are a popular choice for many front doors.