How to Block Pages on Facebook

Block or unblock a Facebook Page Go to the Page you want to block. Click below the Page's cover photo. Select Block Page or Block. Click Confirm.

Social media has made the world feel smaller, but sometimes that can get a bit overwhelming. If you want to keep your profile safe from unpleasant users, knowing how to block on any social network is necessary. However, blocking isn’t just limited to your profile. If you’re on a page on Facebook, you can keep your community safe by blocking hostile users.

Here’s how it’s done. If you’re logged into Facebook using your desktop browser, visit your page by clicking on “Pages” on the menu on the left, then selecting your page. Scroll down in the menu on the left until you see the “Settings” option. Click that, then click on “People and Other Pages.” You should see a list of people who like your page. Click on the menu at the top of the list and choose “Banned People and Pages.”

Click on “Ban a Person,” search and select for the person you want to ban, then confirm the option. If you need to unban someone, you can also do that on this page just by clicking on the box next to their name, then clicking on the gear at the top right corner of the list and selecting “Unban from Page.”

If you’re on the app, it’s a bit more complicated. You’ll only be able to ban them if they’ve already liked the page. To ban someone using the app, tap on the triple line icon located at the top of the screen on Android or along the bottom of the screen on iOS. Tap on “Pages,” then select your page. Look for the gear icon in the top right corner to open your page settings. Tap on “People and Other Pages,” then on “People Who Like This Page.”

Find the person you want to ban from this list, then tap on “Ban” and select “OK.” Just like on desktop, you can also unban this person in this menu by tapping on the “Banned People and Pages” list. Just tap on the “Unban” button next to their name.

Don’t forget that you can also block someone on a personal level by heading to their profile on either desktop or on the app. Just look for the triple dotted icon under their profile name, select “Block,” and confirm your option.

Blocking people who are hostile or make you feel uncomfortable on Facebook is important for maintaining a safe and healthy online community. Now that you know how to ban people from your page, you can ensure that your page stays a positive space for everyone who wants to engage with your content.


Why can't I block a page on Facebook?
You can't block event pages or group pages via your Facebook settings, only company/organization pages. To unblock a page, go back to your Blocking settings and select Unblock next to the page.
How do I block a page on my Facebook business page?
Click your Page photo at the top right of Facebook, click Settings &, Privacy, then click Settings. In the left menu, click Privacy, then click Blocking. Select the profiles, apps and Pages you want to block: Block users: Type the name of the profile you want to block, then click Block.