How to Number Pages in Google Docs

Add page numbers &, total page count Open a Google Doc. In the top left, click Insert. Page number. Then, click either: Page number: Choose where you want the page numbers to go. Page count: The page count is added wherever your cursor is placed in the document.

If you’re working on a document that requires page numbers, it’s easy to add them to your Google Docs file. Whether you want your page numbers in the header or footer, at the top or bottom, we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

First, click on the “Format” option in the top left-hand corner of your Google Doc. Select “Page numbers” and a window will appear where you can start making changes to the set-up of your page numbers.

The first thing you need to do is pick the position of your page numbers. Do you want them in the header or footer? We’ll choose footer. You can also choose to show page numbers on the first page or not. If you don’t want a number on your title page, just select “off.”

Next, you’ll see the numbering option, which will show you how your pages will be numbered. If you want the first page of typing to be page one and not the title page, change the numbering to zero. Once you’ve made your selections, click “apply,” and page numbers will be added to your pages.

Now, let’s format those page numbers. You can adjust the margin size of your page numbers by selecting “options,” then “footer format.” You can adjust the header and footer size in inches. You can also add text to your page numbers. Double click on the page number to open the footer, and type in your desired text.

If you want your page numbers in the center, double click on the footer, highlight the page number, and select the “center align” button at the top. You can also adjust the font, size, and boldness of your page numbers.

With these steps, you can easily add and format page numbers in Google Docs. We hope this tutorial has helped.


How do I start page numbers at 2 in Google Docs?
By default, Docs adds numbers to your document from the first page. However, you can make the numbering start from the second page. Double-click on the footer, select Options on the right and choose Page numbers from the drop-down list. Then, deselect the Show on first page option.
How do you start page number 1 on page 3 in Google Docs?
Go to Insert >, Break >, Section break (next page)Bring the page 3 content back to page.Double-click on the header section of the page.Uncheck the “Link to previous” box.Click on “Options” then “Page numbers” and apply these settings.Align the page number to the right.
How do you number pages in Google Sheets?
Click Insert on the menu bar.Select Header &, page number.Select Page number. Next, choose where you want the page number to appear. ... Select a page numbering option. The page number is added to the new page header or footer. ... Click outside the header or footer.