How Big Are Trading Cards: A Surprising Find in a Bedroom Wall

Although it varies a lot, the recommended size is as follows: 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches . Consider these figures in your design. Although trading card fashion is thought to have passed, it is still very common. There are different trends every year and Trading cards are made for all of them.

When Melissa Board purchased a fixer-upper house in Boise, Idaho for $324,000, she knew she had a lot of work to do. Renovation started immediately, but no room in the house needed more work than the bedroom. The yucky green wall definitely had to go. With courage, she decided to deal with whatever was underneath it.

The first step was peeling off the faux-tile wallpaper. The more she peeled, the more she revealed. Hidden behind the wall was a giant collection of baseball cards. The baseball cards just kept coming. She counted them and found 64 across and 25 down. That made 1,600 cards.

With one mystery solved, another came to light. Whose cards were they? Mystery solved. Chris Nelson grew up in the house, and that was his baseball card collection from 30 years ago. Melissa could see his childhood happening in this bedroom.

Melissa asked how he got them all on the wall. He said, “get the glue on the back and then stick them up here and get them into a spot, get them stuck up there next to each other as well as we could until they would stay.”

But just how valuable is the card collection? Could there be a million-dollar Babe Ruth collectible somewhere in there? How about a Mickey Mantle? To find out, they consulted memorabilia appraiser Lila Dunbar, who said they are of little value. She said cards like these from the 1980s were mass-produced, and the fact that they were glued to a wall doesn’t help either.

Melissa says she may just cover up the wall or maybe those cards will be found again in another 30 years. She’s not sure she has the heart to rip them down. Not to make her feel worse, but a few months ago, a single baseball card from the early 1900s sold for a record 6.6 million dollars.


What is the size of a standard trading card?
What Is The Standard Size Of A Trading Card? Trading cards are 6.4 cm by 8.9cm (64mm x 89mm) as standard. That's the same for top trumps or trading decks or sports cards for collectors. Pokemon cards are smaller than average, measuring 63mm by 88 mm.
What size are NFL trading cards?
2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (6.4 cm by 8.9 cm).
What size are baseball trading cards?
While there are no firm standards that limit the size or shape of a baseball card, most cards of today are rectangular, measuring 21⁄2 by 31⁄2 inches (6.4 by 8.9 cm).
What size are NBA cards in inches?
Standard Sized Cards 9.1 * 6.9 cm / 3.6 * 2.7 inches, fit for all kinds of game cards.