How to Play Offworld Trading Company: Understanding Resources

Offworld Trading Company is a real-time strategy game that takes place on Mars. In this game, players take on the role of a corporation that is trying to establish a profitable business on the hostile planet. The game revolves around resource management, where players need to buy and sell resources to make a profit.

In this tutorial series, we will discuss the basics of the game, starting with the resources. There are 13 different resources in Offworld Trading Company, each with a dollar value. Understanding how these resources work is crucial to your success in the game.

Resources can be grouped into two categories: primary and secondary. Primary resources can be collected from the surface of Mars and include power, water, aluminum, iron, carbon, and silicon. Water is collected with water pumps, while aluminum and iron are obtained from metal mines. Carbon and silicon come from elemental quarries, and power can be generated with solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal plants.

Secondary resources are made by refining primary resources. These include food, oxygen, fuel, steel, chemicals, glass, and electronics. Each of these resources has a unique building used to create them. For example, food is made from farms, oxygen and fuel come from electrolysis reactors, and steel is produced in steel mills.

Resources can also be categorized based on how they are used. Essential resources include power, water, food, oxygen, and fuel. These resources are required for basic functions like powering buildings, maintaining life support, and transporting resources. Robotic corporations only rely on power, whereas all other types need water, food, oxygen, and fuel.

Upgrade resources include aluminum, steel, carbon, glass, and electronics. These resources are used to upgrade your corporate headquarters, allowing you to acquire more territory. Advanced resources are used to construct advanced buildings, which provide unique abilities to your colony. This category includes steel, carbon, chemicals, glass, and electronics.

Finally, there is only one research resource, chemicals. These are consumed by certain advanced buildings to acquire special technologies and patents that will enhance your corporation’s abilities. Understanding the basic uses and interactions of resources is crucial to your corporation’s survival on the unforgiving surface of Mars.

In future episodes, we will discuss the unique aspects of each of the four corporate headquarters. Thank you for reading, and we hope this tutorial helps you in your journey to become a successful corporation in Offworld Trading Company.