How Does Dot Work? A Review of the Future of Business Cards

Business cards have been around for a long time, but they haven’t changed much over the years. They’re still little paper cards with your name, number, and email address on them. But what if you could have all that information and more on one single card that you use for everybody? That’s where Dot comes in.

Dot is a new kind of business card that eliminates the need for paper cards. Instead, you tap your Dot card on the top of the back of your iPhone and a link pops up in Safari that directs you to your Dot account. Your Dot account has all your social media, contact information, and anything else you want to include. It’s super easy to use and very convenient.

Dot is a versatile product that comes in a few different colors and can be used in a few different ways. You can get a regular Dot card or a Dot sticker that you can stick on your phone. The Dot sticker has the exact same function as the card, but it’s more convenient to use. You just stick your phone next to another phone and the Dot sticker does the rest.

The Dot card costs $20, which is a bit expensive for a business card, but it’s worth it if you’re someone who goes through a lot of them. The Dot sticker is a bit cheaper, but it’s still a bit expensive for what it is.

One of the great things about Dot is that it’s not just for iPhone users. The back of the card has a QR code that you can scan with any smartphone camera, so Android users can use it too.

Overall, Dot is a great product that’s easy to use and very convenient. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s worth it if you’re someone who goes through a lot of business cards. If you’re interested in trying Dot, use the code “ILOVEDOT” to get 10% off your order.