Word Show Comments: How to Efficiently Manage Comments in Word 2016

When working on a document, it’s common to send it for proofreading or editing. The person proofreading may insert comments that suggest changes such as bolding a particular line of text, putting it in italics, adding a new paragraph, and more. In this article, we will discuss how to manage these comments efficiently in Word 2016.

To manage comments, go to the Review tab and select Comments. If there are no comments added yet, the only available option will be to insert a comment. Once you or the proofreader adds a comment, you can reply to it or resolve it. To reply, click on the comment and create a new thread under it.

Let’s say the proofreader added a comment asking you to bold a particular text. You can do this by selecting the text, pressing Ctrl+B, and adding a comment saying, “Done.” Then, right-click on the comment and select “Resolve comment.”

Similarly, if the proofreader asks you to increase the font size of a word, highlight the word, increase the font size, and add a comment saying, “Done.” Then, right-click on the comment and select “Resolve comment.”

If there is a new comment suggesting you to insert a new paragraph or make any other changes, follow the same procedure and mark the comment as resolved once you have made the necessary changes.

By managing comments efficiently, you can work proficiently with Word 2016. This article is a recap of one of our previous lessons where we discussed how to insert comments. We hope you found this article useful in managing comments in Word 2016. Stay tuned for more informative articles.