How to Watch the Kentucky Derby on Roku

If you’re a sports fan, you know it can be hard to keep track of all the games and events. This is especially true now that sports are available across so many platforms and apps. This is where Roku comes in. Roku has always had a lot of sports options, but recently they have taken things to the next level with Sports.

The Sports section is the answer to most of the problems that come with the fragmentation of sports on TV. You’ll find a dedicated spot for sports, and if you don’t have it, don’t worry, you will. The Sports section is broken down into a row of live channels, followed by upcoming events. This includes everything from international soccer to NBA football, NFL college football, and more.

When you click on an event, it shows you where you can watch it. For example, the Thursday night football game is available on Amazon, while the basketball game can be found on Fox, Fubo, and Sling TV. While there are some drawbacks to this system, such as not having partnerships with every single group out there, it is still a major step forward for sports in streaming.

Roku makes it easy to find games and events, with tons of categories for different sports that people follow. It even breaks down college basketball by men’s and women’s games. This helps you zero in on what is available so that you don’t have to jump around from channel to channel.

The Sports section currently supports Apple TV, DirecTV, Fox Sports, FuboTV, Paramount Plus, Peacock, Prime Video, Sling TV, the Roku Channel, the TNT and TBS apps, and True TV. They will be adding more services as they go on, but for now, this is already a helpful addition.

In conclusion, the Sports section on Roku is a game-changer for sports fans. You no longer have to search around for games and events or spend time switching between channels. With Roku, you can find everything in one place and easily access the games you want to watch. So if you’re looking to watch the Kentucky Derby on Roku, it’s never been easier.