How to Watch Thursday Night Football Free on Roku

Roku has always been known for having a lot of sports options, but with the fragmentation of sports on TV, it can be hard to find the things that you want. This is where Roku’s Sports section comes in. There is a dedicated spot for sports, and within it, you’ll find a row of sports options from the Roku Channel, live channels, and upcoming events.

Clicking on an event will show you where you can watch it. For instance, the Thursday night football game is available on Amazon, while the basketball game can be found on Fox, fubo, and sling TV. However, there are some drawbacks with this system. Roku doesn’t have partnerships with every single group out there, so Hulu with live TV and YouTube TV customers are left out.

The NHL is also a little trickier to find on this because it doesn’t have deep linking with ESPN Plus. While events that are on ESPN are always listed, those looking for NHL games will have to search through ESPN Plus to find them. However, in general, the sports are easy to find, and there are tons of categories for different sports that people follow, from baseball to football to college basketball.

While the NBA League Pass isn’t supported in this feature, you can still jump into the NBA app and check out all the games that are available on league pass. But overall, the Sports section on Roku is a helpful addition for sports fans. It allows you to zero in on what’s available without jumping around from channel to channel.

In conclusion, Roku’s Sports section is a welcome addition to what Roku has been doing all this time. It’s a great way to find the games you want to watch without having to search through multiple apps. So, if you’re a sports fan, be sure to check it out.