How to Watch Instagram Story Without Them Knowing Airplane Mode

Switch To Airplane Mode Locate the user's profile whose story you want to view anonymously. Once you are on their profile, wait for their story to appear at the top of the screen. After the story appears, turn on the Airplane mode on your device to disable the internet connection .

Have you ever wanted to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing? There are a few ways to do this, but the best way is to load their specific stories beforehand. However, if you want to view the story without even loading up anything, there can be a problem. In this article, we will show you how to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing using airplane mode.

The first thing you should do is at least view the first story or see if they’ve been loaded at all. Then, you want to go ahead and boot into airplane mode on your phone. Make sure everything is turned off, including Wi-Fi. Once you’re on Instagram, hop off and wait a second. Go back into Instagram, and sometimes you may get a little error that says no internet connection or whatever. That’s perfect. That’s exactly what you want to see.

Now, try viewing the person’s story. In some cases, you’re able to see it, and in some cases, you’re not. They are not notified right now that you viewed their story. Before you do anything else, hop out of Instagram completely. There can be some times where when you open up Instagram again, it will go ahead and kind of notify the person that notified but it will show the person that you saw their story.

What you can do, which is an extra step, is delete Instagram entirely while on airplane mode. Completely delete the application while you’re still on airplane mode and then reinstall it. There’s pretty much no way that Instagram can see that you’ve seen the story after you deleted the application as long as you’re still on airplane mode.

In conclusion, if you want to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing, follow the above steps. It is an extra step to delete the Instagram application, but it’s pretty much the only way to do it. If you have any other questions or anything, let us know in the comment section below.


Can you view an Instagram story anonymously on airplane mode?
Use Airplane Mode Instagram preloads certain content so you can view it instantly even if you have a poor Wi-Fi signal. So, if you temporarily switch to airplane mode, you can see stories without anyone knowing.
What happens if I watch Instagram stories on airplane mode?
Turn On Airplane Mode And when you don't have a WiFi or cellular connection, Stories can't count your view. So if you pull up someone's profile, and then duck into Airplane mode, turn off your cell signal and return to their page to view their Story, it will load, and the user won't see you in their viewer's log.
Why can't i see Instagram story in airplane mode?
As you already know, airplane mode completely switches off your connectivity. But you'll still be able to view the Instagram story since the videos are preloaded on your phone. But with your connectivity switched off, your view will not be recorded by Instagram.