How to Turn Dark Mode on Instagram iPhone: A Quick Guide

Turn on Dark mode for Instagram Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile. Tap at the top. Tap Switch appearance. This will automatically change your view on from the current setting for your mobile bowser.

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you know how much time you can spend scrolling through your feed. But have you ever noticed how straining the bright white design can be on your eyes? Fortunately, there’s a solution: dark mode.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t offer an option to change to dark mode in their settings. However, there is a shortcut you can take to turn on dark mode for Instagram on your iPhone 12.

First, you’ll need to put your whole iPhone into dark mode. You can do this by going to your settings or by scrolling to the side until you see the display option. If you hold down on this option, you’ll see the dark mode option in the bottom left-hand corner. Simply tap on that to activate dark mode.

Now, when you open Instagram, you’ll notice a huge difference in the way it looks. Dark mode is much easier on the eyes and can make browsing through Instagram a lot more enjoyable.

While you can switch to dark mode using your iPhone settings, it’s important to note that this will change the appearance of all your apps. If you prefer to only have dark mode on Instagram, using the shortcut mentioned above is your best bet.

In conclusion, if you’re spending a lot of time on Instagram, turning on dark mode can make a big difference in your viewing experience. Give it a try and see if it makes a difference for you!


Can you turn on dark mode on Instagram?
Open the settings of your Android phone.Scroll down and tap “Display”Activate the “Dark Theme” toggle.Open Instagram and enjoy dark mode.
Why is my Instagram black on my iPhone?
If your device's background is in dark mode, Instagram's background will be black. It changes automatically according to your system preference in your phone's settings. To check what mode your phone is on, go to 'settings', 'display &, brightness' and there will be an option for 'Light' or 'Dark'.