How to Make Apple Music Dark Mode: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you use Apple Music, you’re likely aware that the background color for the app remains the same for every song, regardless of its album cover. But did you know that you can customize your Apple Music by making the background color adaptive? This means that the background color will change to match the color of the album cover for the song you’re listening to, making the experience much more enjoyable.

To change this setting, you simply need to follow a few simple steps. First, go to your settings and then navigate to Accessibility. From there, go to Display and Text Size and turn off the “Increase Contrast” option. Once you’ve saved the changes, exit the settings and open your Apple Music app. You will notice that as you scroll through your albums, the background color will change to match the album cover.

If you change the song, the background color will slowly fade into the color of the new album cover. This creates a really cool effect that makes the experience of listening to music on your Apple device much more enjoyable.

Overall, changing the background color of your Apple Music to make it adaptive is a really simple and easy process that can make a big difference in your overall experience. Now that you know how to do it, you can enjoy your music in a whole new way.