How to VTube on Twitch: Using YouTube Studio with Streamlabs and OBS

If you’re interested in VTube streaming on Twitch, you might be wondering how to incorporate your YouTube Studio avatar into your stream. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to do with the help of Streamlabs or OBS.

First, open up YouTube Studio and make sure your avatar is ready to go. If you haven’t configured your model yet, there are tutorials available to help you do so.

Next, if you’re using Streamlabs, click on the icon in the program and go down to “Background 8”. This is where you’ll set up your chroma key background and make sure it’s green. From there, you can use game capture to add a new source, which you can call “VTube Studio Mode”. Capture the specific window and make sure it matches the title of the program you’re using. Then, right-click on the source, edit filters, and add an image mask blend. From there, you can add a chroma key filter and make sure the key color type is green.

If you’re using OBS, the process is similar. Add a new source and name it “VTube Studio 2”. Capture the specific window and allow transparency. You can fill it up to your liking and add a chroma key filter to make sure it’s transparent.

Alternatively, you can use the color picker in YouTube Studio to select a white or black background. Then, add a new source in Streamlabs or OBS and capture the specific window with transparency allowed.

Overall, the process isn’t too difficult once you get the hang of it. With your YouTube Studio avatar incorporated into your VTube streams, you’re ready to engage with your audience and have some fun.