How to Get Corporate Discount T-Mobile: Debit vs Credit

When it comes to debit and credit cards, there’s a big difference between the two. According to, “with credit card fraud, the card issuer’s money is at stake. With debit card fraud, your money has been stolen.” This is important to know because of what T-Mobile is doing.

T-Mobile has had numerous data breaches, more so than any other carrier. They are planning to end the autopay discount for some customers. According to, T-Mobile is planning to restrict the autopay discount to customers paying via debit card or bank account. Customers with a credit card or mobile wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay will no longer receive the discount.

Many of the moves T-Mobile has been making lately are bad moves. These moves point to a re-carrier that is increasing people’s bills, finding ways to nickel and dime, and having crappy security because they don’t want to spend enough on it. Instead of ending autopay and Amazon Prime, T-Mobile should be honest and increase prices across the board.

If you’re still out there defending T-Mobile and trying to make excuses for them, they’re going to continue to have problems. The truth is that many of these moves are bad for consumers. It’s time to start looking for other carriers that offer better deals and better security.

In conclusion, customers looking to get a corporate discount with T-Mobile should switch to paying via debit card or bank account. This will ensure that they continue to receive the autopay discount. However, it’s important to keep in mind the security risks associated with using a debit card. It’s always better to use a credit card when making purchases online.