How to Use Google Assistant on Chromebook

Set up Google Assistant on your Chromebook At the bottom right, select the time. Select Settings . On the left, select Search and Assistant. Under “Search and Assistant,” select Google Assistant. Turn on Google Assistant. To use the Assistant with your voice, turn on “Hey Google.”

Google Assistant is a personal assistant that can help you with various tasks on your Chromebook. In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up the search assistant feature on your Chromebook.

To get started, select the clock icon located on the bottom right corner of your system shelf. Next, click on the settings icon, which should be a gear-shaped icon. On the left side of the screen, click on the main menu button, which is indicated by three horizontal lines. From there, select “Search and Assistant” on the left side.

You will see two options, “Google Assistant” and “Search and Assistant.” Click on “Search and Assistant” and toggle the switch to the “on” position by clicking inside the oval once. If you want to make it respond to your voice, you will need to set the “Okay Google” function to the “on” position by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting “on” or “always on.”

You can also choose the functionalities of allowing it to show notifications when different things pop up, as well as the preferred input. For instance, if you prefer to use your voice instead of the keyboard, you can switch it to that option.

Additionally, you can modify notifications and if you want it to respond to your voice. If you click on “Google Assistant Settings,” you can see more information about what it wants to respond or report on, such as your places, weather conditions, and activity.

Under the system options, you can access different navigational features, such as travel mode, and see what’s currently linked to this account under “System Devices.” Finally, you can access various services such as notes and lists, music, calendar, and assignable reminders.

Overall, setting up Google Assistant on your Chromebook is a pretty straightforward process. It can serve as your personal assistant to help you with various tasks. We hope this tutorial has been helpful, and thank you for reading.


How do I turn on Google Assistant?
On your Android phone or tablet, go to Assistant settings, or open the Google Assistant app. ... Under "Popular settings," tap Hey Google &, Voice Match.Turn on Hey Google. ... Follow the prompts to set up Voice Match so Google Assistant can recognize when you say “Hey Google.”
How do you use voice commands on a Chromebook?
At the bottom right, select the time or press Alt + Shift + s.Select Settings. Accessibility.Under "Keyboard and text input," turn on Dictation.Tap or select where you want to type.Select Speak . You can also press Search + d or press Launcher + d.
How do I enable Google Assistant on my laptop?
In the bottom right, select the time to open the status area.Select Settings. Search and Assistant.Under "Search and Assistant," select Google Assistant.Turn "Ok Google" on or off.
Why is my Hey Google not working on Chromebook?
Scroll to the “Search and Assistant” section. Under "Google Assistant," it will say "Enabled" or "Disabled." If disabled, select Google Assistant. If enabled, go to step 3. Select the toggle to turn on Google Assistant.