How to Use EVGA PSU Testing Tool

Are you having issues with your computer and suspect that your power supply may be part of the problem? Or maybe you just want to make sure that your power supply is working correctly out of the box. Whatever your reason may be, doing a quick paperclip test on your EVGA power supply is a really useful test that can help you determine whether or not the power supply is the issue.

To do this test, you will need your power supply, a power cord, a motherboard cable, and a detection tool. Most EVGA power supplies come with a small little block that will allow you to trip your power supply into believing that it is being powered on by a motherboard. However, if you don’t have this tool, you can use a standard paperclip to bridge the pins in the 24-pin cable and get the unit to power on.

First, make sure that the Eco mode switch is turned off on the back of the unit. This is important because the only feedback you have for the test is the fan. If the fan is on and running, then the power supply is on and running and likely working just fine. If the Eco mode is on, the fan will remain off unless there’s enough load or temperature in the unit that it needs to turn on its fan.

Next, plug the power cord into the wall but leave the power supply switched off. Connect the motherboard cable on the motherboard side, which is a 24-pin connector industry-standard. The other end will be an 18-pin and 10-pin arrangement, which is the same on any ATX power supply.

If you have the detection tool, connect it to the 24-pin cable. If not, take a standard paperclip and connect it to the fourth and fifth pin, which are 15 and 16 relative to the ATX standard. Turn on the power supply, and immediately the fan should start to spin and stay spinning. This is a good sign that the unit is working.

In conclusion, testing your power supply is common if you’re running into issues or if you just want to test it brand new. If you have any other questions or concerns with your power supply, EVGA offers 24/7 support in the US. Contact information can be found on their website.


How do I test my power supply with a tester?
Read PC Repair Safety Tips. Open case, unplug and organize power connectors. Check for proper voltage.Next, plug motherboard power connectors into power supply tester. Plug power supply into live outlet.Press and hold ON/OFF button on tester. Check power supply voltage tolerances and other criteria.
How do I test my EVGA supernova power supply?
In order to test your EVGA power supply, the first thing you will want to try is known as the jumper test (aka the PSU paper-clip test, jump starting, etc.) as this will allow us to verify the device's functionality without needing it to be connected to any other components from your system.
Is the PSU paper clip test safe?
PSU Testing It is perfectly safe to touch the paperclip as it does not carry a high voltage.