How to Plug Something into Your Car: A Step-by-Step Guide

Using 12V DC Outlets to Power Electronics The easiest way to power an electronic device in your car is via the cigarette lighter receptacle or a dedicated 12V accessory outlet . One of these two types of 12V sockets is available in almost every modern car and truck.

Have you ever received a product that looks amazing, but the plug was just hideous? This can be a real problem, especially when you care about the look of your car’s interior. Fortunately, there’s a solution, and it’s easier than you might think.

The first step is to get a cigarette lighter – dual USB plug, which is a small device that allows you to plug in two USB cables at once. However, this device usually comes with an ugly-looking trigger that you’ll need to cut off. Once you’ve done that, remove one of the USB plugs and keep the other one.

Next, take the USB plug and bury it under your dashboard. This will give you the option to hardwire your accessory, which is a much better option if you want everything hidden and looking nice.

To wire this up, you’ll need a few things, including a standard ring terminal, a fuse panel, a standard ATC fuse, a male or female terminal, and a test light. First, black out your grounds using a ring terminal. Then, take your wire and extend it to your fuse panel. Once you’ve found an accessory circuit that works, use a test light to check both sides of the power.

Once you’ve found the side that’s not hot, insert the fuse into the fuse panel and put the insulated female on there. This will provide you with a power source and ground, and you can extend it out and plug it into your accessory.

By following these simple steps, you can plug something into your car without worrying about the look of your interior. Plus, your wiring will be nice and clean, which is always a great thing.


What can you plug into a 12V car outlet?
12V to USB Charger Port Adaptor - Around $9. ... 12V Socket Splitters - Around $20. ... 12V to 110V AC Inverter — Around $28. ... Portable Air Compressor / Tire Inflator - Around $28. ... FM Transmitter - Around $30. ... In-Car Vacuum - Around $30. ... Car Jumpstart Kit - Around $37.
How to get 120v in a car?
Power inverters take the 12 volts that your vehicle runs on and convert it to 120 volts like you have in your house. This allows you to power anything you want in your vehicle, provided that your inverter has a high enough output. Depending on what you need mobile power for, you might be better off getting a Generator.
How do car outlets work?
The heating element glows orange hot in seconds, causing the bimetallic strip to bend and release the mechanism. The handle pops out, eliminating the need for the user to time the heating operation. If the lighter is then promptly removed from its socket, it can light a cigarette, cigar, or tinder.
How much power can you draw from a car outlet?
How Many Volts Does The Lighter Produce? A car cigarette lighter has a nominal voltage rating of 12 volts but is limited to 10.2 volts with a maximum current of 10 amps. It can efficiently function as an outlet in cars and is used to provide power to a wide range of devices, such as radios, mobile phones, and laptops.