How to Unmute Mail in Gmail on Samsung Galaxy S21

Unmute a conversation From Gmail, open the muted email and choose one of these options: Click Remove label X next to the “Muted” label. Select the email, select : More from the action buttons, and click Unmute from the drop-down menu.

Have you ever muted an email conversation in Gmail on your Samsung Galaxy S21 and later regretted it? Don’t worry, there’s a simple way to unmute it. Here’s how to do it:

First, open the Gmail app on your phone. If you want to mute an email conversation, open the email and tap on the option key on the mark mode button at the top. From the pop-up menu, tap on “mute.”

To unmute an email conversation, tap on the menu key, then tap on “All Mail.” Search for the email you want to unmute. If you can’t find it, tap on the search box at the top and put in the label “mute.” This will search all emails that have been muted.

Once you’ve found the email, tap on it and then tap on the “more” button at the top. Tap on “move to inbox,” and that will automatically unmute the email conversation.

Another way to find muted emails is to use the filter called “is:muted.” This will show you all the emails that have been muted.

That’s it! Now you know how to unmute mail in Gmail on your Samsung Galaxy S21.


How do I unmute emails in Gmail app?
On Gmail App for Android and iPhone Step 1: Launch the Gmail app. Step 2: Once launched, tap on the search bar, type Mute, and from the drop-down, select 'label:mute. ' Much like on the desktop, you will see a list of muted emails with a Mute label as a preview.
Where do muted emails go in Gmail?
An archived message goes to the All Mail folder to help keep your Inbox clean, but any replies sent back to you through that conversation will return to the Inbox. A muted message goes to the All Mail folder, too, but replies remain ignored and will not show up in the Inbox.
What does it mean to mute an email in Gmail?
Mute a conversation in Gmail and you won't see any further messages related to it in your inbox. Any emails added to the conversation after you mute it will be stored in your Gmail account but automatically archived, and you'll still be able to search for the conversation to view new messages.