How to Turn Bixby Off on Your Samsung Galaxy

If you own a Samsung Galaxy without a dedicated Bixby button, then this tutorial is for you. Older androids with a dedicated Bixby button can switch off the “Hi Bixby” feature but not the button. In this tutorial, we will show you how to stop your side button from opening Bixby.

First, open up the settings app on your phone and scroll down to and tap on “advanced features.” From there, tap “side key” and under “press and hold,” tap “power off menu.” Now when you hold down on the side button, it will open up the power off menu instead of waking Bixby.

If you do use Bixby sometimes and want to use the side button to open it, you have the option at the top to open Bixby with a double-press of the side button. But to disable Bixby completely, set the double-press to “quick launch camera,” which is quite handy. You can also set it to open an app of your choice, which can be useful too. You also have the option to disable the double-press altogether so that it does nothing.

Next, go to “apps” in the settings menu and scroll down to “Bixby voice.” Tap it to open the settings and then tap “Bixby voice settings.” Switch off the toggle to the right of “voice wake-up” and make sure it says “off” below “voice wake-up.” Now when you say “Hi Bixby” or anything that sounds remotely like “Hi Bixby,” Bixby will no longer wake up!

In conclusion, turning off Bixby on your Samsung Galaxy is simple and easy. Follow the steps above to disable Bixby and enjoy using your phone without any interruptions.