How to Turn on Fitbit Charge 4: A Simple Tutorial

If you’ve just purchased a Fitbit Charge 4 and are trying to turn it on for the first time, you might be struggling to get it started. Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix! This tutorial will show you how to turn on a Fitbit Charge 4, and it’s super simple.

To turn on your Fitbit Charge 4, press and hold the side button for a few seconds until it powers on. This will work every time, except for the first time you use the device.

When you are setting up your Fitbit Charge 4 for the first time, you need to charge it up before turning it on. Simply plug the charger into a power brick, and line up the pins with the contacts on the device. You’ll feel it click into place, and then you’ll see that it’s charging.

If you’re having trouble turning on your device, make sure you’ve charged it properly. The Fitbit app will instruct you to charge it up when you’re setting it up, but many people don’t open the app right away and get confused when they can’t turn it on. You just need to plug it in to charge it up.

Once you’ve charged the Fitbit Charge 4 for the first time, you can turn it on by pressing and holding the side button.

And that’s it! Turning on your Fitbit Charge 4 is easy once you know what to do. Don’t let a dead battery discourage you – just plug it in and charge it up.


Why is my Fitbit 4 not turning on?
If you are still wondering why is my fitbit not turning on, try force restarting your Fitbit. Press and hold the button or back and bottom buttons for 10 seconds. Release the buttons when the Fitbit logo appears.
Why is my Fitbit Charge 4 screen blank?
The Fitbit screen may turn pitch black if it has accumulated dust and dirt. Hence, try cleaning it if you are experiencing a black screen more often! Give your watch a thorough cleaning with a dedicated smartwatch or gadget cleaning solution and a soft and clean microfiber cloth.
Why doesn't my Fitbit charge turn on?
Press and hold the button to restart your tracker: Charge 2—press and hold the button on your tracker for 4 seconds. When you see the Fitbit logo and the tracker vibrates, the tracker restarted. Charge 3 &, Charge 4—press and hold the button on your tracker for 8 seconds.