How to Repair Fitbit Charge 5 Charging Issues

If you have a Fitbit Charge 5 and are experiencing charging issues, such as a black screen even when plugged in, don’t worry – there are some simple steps you can take to get it working again.

First, make sure the metal contacts on both the Fitbit and charging cable are clean and snugly connected. If your Charge 5 has been dead for a few days, you may need to leave it on the charger for 5-10 minutes before seeing the battery indicator.

If the above step doesn’t work, try pressing the button on the USB-A side of the charging cable three times, waiting one second between each click. This should reboot your Fitbit and display the Fitbit logo, followed by a battery indicator.

If this still doesn’t work, try plugging the charging cable into a different USB port or adapter and wait a few minutes to see if you get a battery indicator. If that doesn’t work, clean the contacts with a soft cloth or pencil eraser.

If none of these steps work, try cleaning the contacts with rubbing alcohol and a cloth or paper towel. If the cable is still not working, you can buy a replacement at a low cost.

Remember to try each step multiple times before giving up. If you find a solution that works, let us know in the comments. Good luck!


Can you send your Fitbit in for repair?
Please contact Fitbit at (877) 623-4997 or visit for troubleshooting assistance. You can refer to the Fitbit Returns &, Warranty Policy for more information at
Why did my Fitbit charge just stop working?
If your battery stopped charging, try the solutions below. The pins on the device or charging cable are dirty. Dust and debris can accumulate over time. Clean the charging contacts on the back of your device and the pins on your charging cable using the instructions in How do I clean my Fitbit device?
How long do Fitbits last?
While many Fitbit devices work optimally in different conditions for up to two years, these are some tips to make your Fitbit work better for longer.