How to Sync Samsung Phone to iPad: Tips from Tech Experts

What to Know Apple doesn't offer a system to link your iPad and Android devices together. You can sync data between the two devices using third-party apps like Dropbox and Google. You'll need to sign in to your Google or Dropbox account on both devices to share data between them.

Are you having a hard time syncing your Samsung phone with your iPad? It’s not surprising, given that there’s no all-in-one sync utility for Android and Apple operating systems. But don’t worry – there are workarounds to help you achieve seamless syncing.

Seth Jobin of Fortress Computer Pros in San Diego, California, shares some valuable insights on how to synchronize Android with iPad. While there are various ways to sync different components of these two operating systems, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. For instance, you can use Google Drive, Windows SkyDrive, or Dropbox to share files, but none of them synchronize everything.

One of the things you’ll miss out on when syncing Android with iPad is apps. Apps purchased on iTunes will not work on a Google device and vice versa. This is one of the biggest concerns that users have, especially those who have invested a lot of time and money in their iTunes library. However, there are ways to sync your iTunes music, such as using a free app called doubleTwist, which is available on the Google Play Store.

It’s worth noting that doubleTwist can only sync music that is free of rights management. After 2009, iTunes removed all restrictions on their music files, but if you have music that was purchased from the store before that date, it will not sync. You’ll also encounter issues with syncing video purchases or rentals, iBooks, and applications.

Despite these limitations, doubleTwist is still a great way to sync your iTunes music and get around any issues that might arise. With a little bit of patience and some technical know-how, you can successfully sync your Samsung phone with your iPad.

In conclusion, syncing Android with iPad is not an easy task, but it’s definitely doable. By following the tips and tricks from tech experts like Seth Jobin, you can seamlessly sync your Samsung phone with your iPad and enjoy all the benefits of both operating systems.


How do I sync data from Android to iPad?
Get started on your Apple device. ... Tap Move Data from Android. ... Open the Move to iOS app. ... Wait for a code. ... Use the code. ... Connect to a temporary Wi-Fi network. ... Choose your content and wait. ... Set up your iOS device.More items...•
How do I sync my phone to my iPad?
If they are logged in to the same Apple ID, on each device go to Settings/[your name]/iCloud and turn on the switches for the items you want to sync, then leave both devices plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi until the sync appears to have completed.
Can I control my iPad with my Android phone?
Yes, you can remote into iPad screen from other devices.