How to Sync PS4 Controller: A Step-by-Step Guide

While pressing and holding the SHARE button, press and hold the PS button until the light bar flashes. Enable Bluetooth® on your device, and then select your controller from the list of Bluetooth® devices. When pairing is complete, the light bar turns a solid color.

If you’ve ever taken your PS4 controller to a friend’s house and used it on their PS4, or if it just suddenly came unsynced and you don’t know why, don’t worry, there’s a solution! You can easily reconnect your PS4 controller to your PS4 without using the original USB cord that came with it. In fact, any strong cord with four wires will do. Two of the wires are used for data and the other two for power.

To resync your controller to your PS4, the first thing you need to do is reset it. There is a tiny hole on the back of the controller that you can press with a pin. Once you press it, the controller will reset and the light on the top will blink.

Next, press the PlayStation 4 button on the controller and it will start blinking. Once it’s blinking, it will go solid blue. If this doesn’t happen right away, don’t worry, just wait a few seconds.

Now, take any mini USB cord (the same one you use to charge your phone) and plug it into your controller. Then, plug the other end into your PS4. Your controller should now be synced to your PS4 and the light on top of the controller should turn a solid color.

An added bonus of this method is that you can use the same cord to charge your controller from your laptop or an electrical socket. It’s that simple!

So, if you’re struggling to reconnect your PS4 controller to your PS4, just follow these easy steps and you’ll be back in the game in no time!


How do I resync my PlayStation 4 controller?
Use a small tool to push the button inside the tiny hole. Hold the button down for roughly 3-5 seconds. Plug in your console, connect your controller using a USB cable and press the PS button. If the light bar turns blue, the controller has paired.
Where is the button to sync a controller to a PlayStation?
Press and hold the PS button and SHARE button on the wireless controller at the same time. The light bar on the back of the wireless controller will start flashing once pairing mode is active.