How to See CPU Temperature on Windows 11

How to Check CPU Temperature on Windows 11 with BIOS/UEFI Turn on your computer. Press the relevant key to get to BIOS/UEFI. Look for a tab named “CPU” or “Performance Monitor.” Here, you'll see CPU temperature expressed in degrees Celsius and other information regarding your CPU.

Are you worried about your CPU’s temperature? Keeping track of your processor’s temperature is important to ensure it runs smoothly and doesn’t overheat. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to check your CPU’s temperature on Windows 11.

There are various paid and free programs available to monitor your processor’s temperature, such as Core Temp and MSI Afterburner. We recommend using MSI Afterburner as it is lightweight, free of bloatware, and provides additional metrics and custom settings.

To download MSI Afterburner, follow the link in the description or navigate to Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, right-click and select “Extract All.” This will unpack the file into the same folder. Double-click the setup installer and follow the installation wizard to install the application on your system.

After installation, you will find a new shortcut on your desktop. Open the application to inspect your CPU’s temperature and other useful information about your system. Under the settings, you can change the voltage, clock speed, and fan limits and speed of your system.

In the monitoring settings tab, enable the “Show in tray icon” option to preview your CPU’s temperature in your system tray without having to open MSI Afterburner. You can also change the colour and text preview to a bar chart if you prefer this.

Under the user interface, you can change how Afterburner presents information by changing the user interface properties, layout, and design. If you encounter any issues while following this tutorial, we suggest following the extensive guide linked in the description.

We hope this tutorial has helped you monitor your CPU temperature. Leave a comment if you have any questions, and we’ll see you in the next one.


Does Windows 11 show CPU temp?
Windows 11 doesn't have a built-in way to check your CPU temperature, but you can check it in the UEFI or BIOS before Windows starts up. If you want to monitor the CPU temperature while Windows 11 is running, you can use a third-party app like Speccy, or a utility from a CPU, GPU, or peripheral manufacturer.
How do I check my CPU and GPU temp Windows 11?
Right-click the Start menu icon and choose Task Manager to open it. ... In the menu on the left side, switch to the Performance tab.You'll see a few components, and your GPU should be at the end.More items...•
How do I check my computer temp Windows 11?
Press ALT + F4 to access the Windows Shutdown menu and select Restart from the dropdown menu. ... Now as soon as the device restarts and the display lights up. ... In the BIOS menu look for the CPU / Performance Monitor / Hardware Monitor menu and the CPU temperature must be listed there.
How do I check my CPU temperature?
To manually check your CPU temperature, you will need to use the basic input-output system (BIOS) or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) software. These software systems make sure a device's hardware runs properly. By rebooting your computer, you can check your CPU temp using the BIOS/UEFI software.