How to Fix Disk Read Error in Windows 7 or Windows 10

How to Fix It When A Disk Read Error Occurs Run a desktop clean up utility. This removes any files that could cause a memory error. ... Defrag the computer. In certain circumstances, this could fix the issue. ... Test the RAM. ... Check the cables. ... Test the hard drive. ... Reset the BIOS. ... Reseat the computer's RAM. ... Replace the RAM. More items... •

Disk read error is a common error that occurs when your computer detects a hard disk problem or there is something wrong with the process of reading hard disk. This error appears while your computer boots up and blocks you from booting into the operating system directly, preventing you from accessing your system.

If you press Control + Alt + Delete to restart your computer, you may still get the same error without being able to boot up Windows. In this post, we will show you how to fix disk read error in Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Reset BIOS Settings

Restoring BIOS to default settings can fix this issue in some circumstances. To do that, you need to turn on your computer and go to BIOS settings by pressing F2 or Delete button. The exact key or key combination depends on your computer manufacturer and model. This error may indicate that BIOS settings of your computer are not properly configured. If you changed SATA controller mode in BIOS before, try setting BIOS to factory settings.

Different BIOS gives different options to set itself to factory settings like restore defaults, load BIOS defaults, and load optimal defaults. So, you should choose the correct one according to practical situations. After factory reset or load optimize defaults, press F10 to save your BIOS setting. After saving the BIOS settings, the computer will restart.

Check SATA Cable

If there is still a problem with your computer after turning on, the SATA cable may be loose or damaged. You can first open the solder power cable of the hard disk and then open the SATA cable of the hard disk. After opening the SATA cable, you should change the SATA cable first because many times the SATA cable can be bad or damaged. Take a new SATA cable and insert the SATA cable into the hard disk first. Attach the new SATA cable to the SATA port on the motherboard and another port will go to the hard disk SATA port. Then insert the hard disk power cable into the hard disk and reinsert it in the same way as you open it.

Test RAM

This is seldom regarded as a solution to fix the disk read error issue, but it works in some situations. Faulty RAM or RAM slot may result in the problem. Since the RAM memory test is easy and non-destructive, you may as well perform a complete test for RAM memory. Open the RAM, clean it with a rubber eraser, and turn on the computer by inserting the RAM slot again.

After all these setups, turn on the computer and hope it will not be a problem again. If after complete all solutions, the system or computer will be turned on, you can also fix the computer in this way very easily.

In conclusion, the disk read error can be frustrating and prevent you from accessing your computer. However, with the solutions outlined above, you can fix the error and access your computer with ease.


How do I fix disc reading error?
Run CHKDSK utility by typing chkdsk X: /r where X is the drive letter (This will check the disk for errors and will fix them) After Chkdsk finishes, type Bootrec /fixboot to repair the Boot Sector. Then type Bootrec /fixmbr to fix the Master Boot record file. Type Exit and then click Restart.
How do I get rid of disk read error in Windows 10?
Step 1: Shutdown the System and let it cool down. ... Step 2: Reset BIOS. ... Step 3: Check the Hard Drive/SSD Cables. ... Step 4: Inspect RAM. ... Step 5: Use Windows Repair/Installation Media. ... Step 6: Check the Drive Health Status and Recover Data.