How to Save PowerPoint as PDF

Save PowerPoint presentations as PDF files Select File >, Export. Click Create PDF/XPS Document, then click Create PDF/XPS. In the Publish as PDF or XPS dialog box, choose a location to save the file to. ... Optionally, if you want to change what the final PDF file is like, do any of the following: ... Click Publish.

Converting your PowerPoint presentation to a PDF is an excellent way to share your presentation with others without allowing them to modify the original presentation. Additionally, it makes sharing your presentation on the web more comfortable.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Open your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.

2. Click on the file menu in the top left-hand corner.

3. Scroll down to the “Export” option.

4. Select the “PDF/XPS” option.

5. Choose where you want to save your PDF and type in a file name.

6. Choose the quality level (standard or minimum) that works best for you.

7. Click on the “Options” button to specify which slides you want to include in your PDF.

Within options, you can define what slides you want to have included in your PDF. You can include all of your slides, select the current slide, or choose specific slides to include. You also have the option to include a custom show or select a slide range.

Further, you can choose to include slides as a page, include multiple slides on a page, or show the slide and any associated notes.

If you want to save your presentation as a PDF, you can also go to the file menu, click on “Save As,” and select PDF under “File Type.”

Finally, if you want to email your presentation as a PDF with one click, you can add “Email as PDF Attachment” to your quick access toolbar.

By following these steps, you will now be able to convert your PowerPoint presentation to a PDF and share it with others with ease.


How do I save a PowerPoint as a PDF on a Mac?
On the File menu, click Save As.In the Save As box, type a new name for the folder to contain the converted files.On the Format pop-up menu, click PDF.Click Save.
How to save a PowerPoint as a PDF with multiple slides per page?
1. Click the Print button or pressCtrl+Pto pop up the dialog box. 2. In Print what, select the Handouts and choose Slides per page as 4.