How to Add Sound to PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint is a fantastic tool used to create presentations that are informative and engaging, but did you know that it’s possible to enhance your presentations by adding sound? Sound can be used to add emphasis, create atmosphere, and bring your slides to life. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add music to a PowerPoint 2013 presentation.

Firstly, open your PowerPoint editor and navigate to the slide where you want to insert the audio file. You can add a simple audio file to one slide by using the ‘Insert Ribbon’ at the top of the screen. Move over to the right-hand side, and under the media section you’ll find where you can insert the audio file.

Once you’ve selected the audio file, PowerPoint will display a speaker icon with a control panel and full audio control, allowing you to turn up or down the volume, pause, and play anytime.

The next step is to play the sound automatically. To do this, select the speaker icon and choose the ‘Playback Ribbon’ that appears. In the center of the ribbon, under ‘Audio Options,’ select the option to ‘Start Automatically.’

If you want the sound file to play across your slides regardless of the duration of the slides, select the ‘Play Across Slides’ option. You can also select the ‘Hide During Show’ checkbox to hide the icon during the presentation.

If you need to edit the audio, the ‘Trim Audio’ option allows you to play a section of the tune or set. You can choose the length of your fade-in and fade-out options to create a smooth transition.

It is essential to note that you need to be careful not to infringe any copyrights when you’re working with audio files.

By following these simple steps, you can add music to your PowerPoint presentation and make it more engaging for your audience. We hope you found this tutorial helpful.