How to Reset a Laptop Acer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here's how to do it: In the search box on your laptop, type Recovery, then click Acer Recovery Management. Click Recovery Management. In Acer Care Center, click Get started next to Reset your PC. Click Remove everything. Click Just remove my files or Remove files and clean the drive depending on your needs. Click Reset.

If you’re an Acer laptop user, it’s important to know how to reset your device in case of a virus attack, forgotten password, or if you simply want to wipe everything off. Fortunately, resetting or restoring an Acer laptop is a simple and straightforward process that you can easily do by yourself. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of resetting your Acer laptop.

To begin, make sure your Acer laptop is connected to a power source to avoid any power failures during the process. Once that’s done, power off your laptop and locate the Alt key and the F10 key. Press and hold down these two keys simultaneously, and then press the power button to turn on your device.

Keep holding the Alt and F10 keys until your system boots up. Once it does, release the keys and it will boot into the restore console, where you’ll be presented with three options: continue, troubleshoot, or turn off the PC. Since we want to reset the PC, we’ll choose troubleshoot.

Next, you’ll see two options: reset this PC or advanced options. Choose reset this PC, and you’ll be asked to select between two options: keep my files or remove everything. If you have files and folders you’d like to keep, select the first option. If you want to return your computer to its factory settings and remove everything, choose the second option.

Assuming you want to remove everything, select the second option. You’ll then be asked to confirm your selection for a fully clean installation or just to remove your files. If you want to fully clean your drive, select the first option. Be careful, as once you choose this option, everything on your device will be wiped off.

Finally, select next, and the process will begin. It may take between half an hour to an hour, depending on your device. Once the process is complete, your Acer laptop will be fully clean and ready to use.

In conclusion, resetting an Acer laptop is a straightforward process that you can easily do by yourself. Just make sure to back up any important files and documents before resetting your device. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can reset or restore your Acer laptop with ease.


How do I factory reset my Acer laptop that is locked?
Step 1: Shut down your Acer laptop. Step 2: Press the Power button to turn on your Acer laptop while holding down Alt + F10 keys on your keyboard. Wait a while and your Acer laptop will boot to the Choose an option screen. Step 3: Choose Troubleshoot >, Reset this PC >, Remove everything.
Does Acer have a reset button?
Acer restore key, also known as Acer recovery hotkey, Acer reset key or Acer reset button, refers to one key or a set of keys which can trigger the computer boot into recovery environment when power the computer on and let you restore Acer to factory settings. The Acer restore key is Alt + F10.
How do you factory reset a laptop?
Factory reset a Windows laptop Go to Settings >, System >, Recovery. At the top of the window, you'll see Reset this PC. Click on Get Started and select Remove Everything from the box that appears. From there, you can select to reinstall Windows from the local drive or download it from the cloud.