How to Factory Reset an ASUS Laptop: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Go to the Windows 10 login screen. Click the Power button and click Restart while pressing and holding the Shift key on your keyboard. Step 2: When the 'Choose an option' screen appears, click Troubleshoot >, Reset Reset In a computer or data transmission system, a reset clears any pending errors or events and brings a system to normal condition or an initial state, usually in a controlled manner . › wiki › Reset_(computing) Reset (computing) - Wikipedia this PC >, Remove everything.

If you’re experiencing issues with your ASUS laptop, one solution to consider is a factory reset. This process involves wiping your computer’s hard drive clean and restoring it back to its original state. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to perform a factory reset on your ASUS laptop.

Before we get started, it’s important to note that this process will erase all data on your laptop. So, make sure to backup important files before proceeding.

Step 1: Connect to Power Source

Ensure your laptop is connected to a power source. You don’t want to risk a power failure during this process.

Step 2: Access Recovery Console

Power on your computer and immediately tap the F8 key. You will see the sign for parent, which indicates that you’re in the recovery console.

Step 3: Select Troubleshoot

You have two options: “Just restart my PC” or “Continue to advanced options.” Select “Troubleshoot.”

Step 4: Select Reset My PC

Here, you have two other options: “Keep my files” or “Remove everything.” If you want to bring your computer back to factory mode where everything is totally wiped off, select “Remove everything.”

Step 5: Confirm

Windows will go through the process of removing everything from the computer. The process will take roughly around two hours depending on the amount of files you have on your computer. Once the process has started, you cannot stop it. So, make sure to confirm your selection before proceeding.

And that’s it! Once the process is complete, your ASUS laptop will be reset to its factory settings.

Remember to backup important files before proceeding and ensure your laptop is connected to a power source during the process.

We hope this guide was helpful in showing you how to factory reset an ASUS laptop.


How do I force my laptop to factory reset?
Related links. To reset your PC, go to Start >, Settings >, Update &, Security >, Recovery >, Reset this PC >, Get Started. Then, select Keep my files, choose cloud or local, change your settings, and set Restore preinstalled apps? to No.
How do I force my laptop to factory reset without password?
One of the easiest ways to reset your PC without a password is by issuing the Restart command while pressing the SHIFT key. This allows us to invoke the same Reset operation as from the Windows Repair menu. On the Choose an option screen, click Troubleshoot: Reset your PC or see advanced options. Choose Reset this PC.
How do I factory reset my laptop without opening settings?
Click on the ''Start'' button in Windows.Press shift and click on ''Restart''.The system will guide you through the troubleshooting section.Click on ''Reset my PC''.Click on ''Keep my files''.The system will reboot itself, and factory settings are restored.