How to Remove Users from Mac Operating System

On your Mac, choose Apple menu >, System Settings, then click Users &, Groups in the sidebar. (You may need to scroll down.) Click the Info button next to the user or group you want to delete, then click Delete Account.

If you are an admin on your Mac operating system, you have the ability to delete user accounts. Deleting a user account can be useful if you no longer need it or if you want to free up disk space. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of deleting a user account on your Mac.

To start, click on the Mac Apple icon located on the top left corner of your screen. Then, click on “System Preferences”. This will open the System Preferences window. Next, search for “Users & Group” and click on this section.

Once you are in the Users & Group section, click on the lock button to enable the options. You will be prompted to authenticate with your Mac’s password. After entering your password, the options will be enabled.

If you are an admin, you will be able to delete a user account. If you are not an admin, you will not be able to delete accounts of other users. Click on the user account that you want to delete and then click on the minus symbol. You will be prompted with a message asking if you are sure you want to delete the account.

You will also be given the option to save the home folder in the disk image, don’t change the home folder, or delete the home folder. Choose the appropriate option and the user account will be deleted.

Once the account is deleted, you will no longer see the user’s name in the Users & Group section. Additionally, when you log out and log in again, you will not see the name of the deleted user on your login window.

Deleting a user account on your Mac operating system is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. Free up disk space and keep your system organized by deleting user accounts that are no longer needed.


Why can't I delete a user on my Mac?
FAQs. Why can't I delete a user on my Mac? If only one administrator account exists, then you won't be able to delete the user account. You'll either have to create another administrator account first, or upgrade another existing account to have administrator privileges.
Why can't I delete my admin account on Mac?
try to uncheck it . Open the Users &, Groups pane of System Preferences, unlock it, select that account, and push the - button. If you're using Fast User Switching, you need to log out of the account you want to delete. Click on the padlock at the bottom of the window.
How do I remove an administrator from my Mac without a password?
Can you delete admin account without password? No, you cannot delete an admin account without a password. If you do not have the password, you will need to reset it. To reset the password, you will need to have access to the email account associated with the admin account.
What does deleting a user on Mac do?
Deleting a Mac user account This archives all the user's documents and information so the user can be restored later if needed. The user's documents and information remain and the user can be restored later if needed. The user information is deleted and the storage space is freed.