How to Rate Songs on iTunes

Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac) in any column of the song you want to rate, choose My Rating, and then choose the number of stars you want to assign ( Figure 3.41 ).

If you are an organized person who loves music, you might want to consider rating your music on iTunes. It’s a quick and easy way to keep track of your favorite songs. In this post, we’ll show you how to rate your music on iTunes.

Firstly, why do we rate our music? It’s simple. When you rate a song, it goes into a smart playlist of your top-rated songs. The more you rate your favorite songs, the more songs you’ll have in your top-rated playlist.

To rate a song in iTunes, while you’re listening to a song, click on the rating bar (usually located on the left side of the song). You can rate a song between one and five stars. For example, if you love a song, rate it five stars. If you don’t like it, rate it one star. If you’re getting tired of a song that you’ve heard a lot, you could rate it three stars.

Once you’ve rated a song, it will disappear from your regular music library and appear in your top-rated playlist. If you want to rate multiple songs at once, you can go to the album view, click on the album, and rate each song individually.

There are a few ways to rate your music in iTunes. You can use the cover flow view, where you can scroll through your album covers and rate each song by clicking on the rating bar. You could also use the file menu to rate your songs.

In conclusion, rating your music on iTunes is a great way to keep track of your favorite songs. The more you rate your music, the better your playlists will become. So, start rating your songs today and see how your playlist improves over time!


How do you rate a song?
Music has to be ranked by its own appeal, and also by the full context, meaning that we should ask ourselves how much we like it, how it connected with the other tracks, how it maintained the flow within the album, and how much did it shine compared to the other pieces.
How do I rating Music on my Iphone?
(depending on your version of the iOS, it's either at the bottom or top right corner of the screen). In the menu that pops up, tap Rate Song. In the Star Rating window, tap the star that equals the number of stars you want to give the song (for example, if you want to give a song four stars, tap the fourth star).
How does Apple Music rate top songs?
Apple Music Replay calculates your top songs, albums, artists, playlists, genres, and stations using: Your listening history in Apple Music. The number of plays to a song, artist, album, playlist, genre, and station. The amount of time spent listening to a song, artist, album, playlist, genre, and station.