How to Write Songs in Sims 4

If you’re a Sims 4 player looking to write and license songs and lyrics for your Sim, you’re in luck. It’s relatively simple, but there are some quirks you should know about. Let’s jump into it.

To write a song, your Sim will need to be at least skill level 8 of the instrument you’re writing the song on. Then, head over to the instrument, select “write,” and pick a song genre to begin writing it. Keep in mind that songs take a long time to write, and your Sim probably won’t finish it all in one go.

It’s important to know that to continue writing a song, don’t simply click on the instrument and select “write,” as this will see you start to write an entirely new song. Click on the sheet music that appears in your Sim’s inventory after they write the song for the first time. It usually looks like a book but can sometimes be an electronic file depending on the instrument. Use it to resume writing the song, and your Sim will continue to write from where they left off.

Once the song is written, simply give it a name, and you’re a songwriter. Licensing a song is similarly easy but requires skill level 9 of the instrument to unlock. Once you’ve achieved that extra skill level, you’ll be able to use your mailbox to license the song. Licensing a song will give you royalties for a week. Note that only one song can be licensed at a time, but occasionally, the game will allow you to license an additional song as long as they are from a different instrument. The same song can be licensed repeatedly, and you’ll just need to re-engage with the mailbox every time the royalties stop rolling in.

Writing lyrics requires the City Living expansion pack and is based on the singing skill. You’ll need level 8 of the singing skill to write lyrics and level 9 to license them, which you’ll again use your mailbox to do. For lyrics, you’ll mainly be using the microphone to write lyrics, but some instruments such as the gigirad keyboard can be used as well. The same restrictions apply in that only one can be licensed at a time once per week, and the royalties will last for a week.

Songs and lyrics don’t interfere with each other, meaning that you can license both one song and one lyric creation at the same time, which is great for that extra bit of money.

In conclusion, the Sims 4 offers players the chance to write and license songs and lyrics. With a few crucial skill levels, some patience, and a mailbox, your Sim can become a successful songwriter.