How to Put Filters in Google Meet

Do you want to spice up your Google Meet calls and add some visual effects? Unfortunately, Google Meet doesn’t offer filters to enhance your video call experience, but don’t worry! There is a simple solution to this problem.

First, you need to add an extension to your web browser. Open up your browser and go to Start or join a meeting and select the “More options” button, represented by three dots at the bottom of the page. Click on “Apply visual effects” and you will see some effects that are available in Google Meet, but no filters.

To add filters, open a new tab and go to the Google extension search box. Click on “Chrome web store – Google Chrome” from the search results, and search for “visual effects” in the search box. Click on the “Visual effects for Google Meet” extension option and then click on “Add to Chrome”. Wait until the extension is downloaded and added to your web browser.

Once you’ve added the extension, go to and join a meeting. You should see a white bar in the left-hand corner of your screen. Point to the white bar and choose one of the visual effects. You can also select “face filters” to apply filters for yourself during the meeting.

That’s it! With this simple extension, you can now add filters to your Google Meet calls and make them more fun and interesting. We hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.