How to Change Host in Google Meet

Add or remove a co-host In a meeting, at the bottom right, click Show everyone . From the “People” tab, find or search the participant's name. Next to their name, click Menu Grant host controls .

Google Meet has introduced a new feature that allows you to assign co-hosts, making it easier to manage professional meetings with your students. This update comes at the perfect time as many schools are going back to in-person learning and this feature will make virtual meetings more effective and efficient.

Assigning a co-host is simple and can be done by the meeting host. Once you have started a Google Meet, go to the meeting security icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will open up host controls that will allow you to toggle an extra switch for host management. When this switch is enabled, you can enable co-hosts.

To assign a co-host, open up the participants window and click on the three dots next to the participant you want to make a co-host. You will now be able to grant host controls to that person, and they will be highlighted as a meeting host. This person will have the same host privileges as the original meeting host, and they will be able to manage the meeting more efficiently.

This is a long-awaited and requested feature for Google Meet, and it is great to see it finally come to fruition. Co-hosts will enable you to have even more effective professional meetings with your students, and it will provide meeting controls to your teacher assistant or another fellow teacher. This feature is essential for managing virtual meetings in the new school year, and we are excited to see it in action.

In conclusion, if you are looking to change the host in Google Meet, this feature will make it easier for you to manage meetings and improve collaboration. With the ability to assign co-hosts, you can now have multiple hosts of a single meeting and pass on the host settings from one to another. We hope you found this tutorial helpful and encourage you to try out this new feature during your next Google Meet session.


Can I transfer host on Google Meet?
Only the main host can re-enable Host Management for all other hosts. Participants can't be appointed or removed as co-hosts from Breakout Rooms. Participants must return to the main room to be granted hosting privileges.
How do I remove a host from Google Meet without hosting?
Remove people during a video meeting If Host Management is off, anyone from the meeting organizers' domain can remove a participant. At the top left, tap the meeting name or meeting code. Tap Remove .