How to Print in Safari on iPhone 13 Series

In the Safari app on your Mac, choose File >, Print . Click the options pop-up menu (in the separator bar), choose Safari, then set the webpage printing options. If you don't see the options pop-up menu in a separator bar to the right of the page preview, click Show Details at the bottom of the Print dialog.

Printing a web page from your iPhone can come in handy, especially if you need a hard copy of some important information. In this tutorial, we will show you how to print web pages in Safari on the iPhone 13 series.

First, go back to your home screen by swiping up at the bottom of the screen. On the home screen, open up Safari – a web browser. Then, go to the webpage that you would like to print and tap on the share button down at the bottom.

From the pop-up menu, tap on Print. Here, select a printer. Now, you need to set up your printer on your iPhone. Depending on what printer you have, you may need to download the appropriate app to set up your printer on your device.

If you have a Canon printer, you need to go to the App Store and download the Canon app. If you have an HP printer, you need to download the HP app to install the appropriate driver on your device. Once you have set up your printer, select the printer in the Print menu.

You can then choose how many copies you would like to print, set the range (i.e., print from page one to page two), or print all pages. Additionally, you can choose the paper size, from A3 to tabloid, letter, legal, B5, or A4. You can also select the orientation, either portrait or landscape mode.

Finally, tap on the print button to send your device your print. If you do not have a printer set up, it will offer you the chance to save it to your local files manager app or copy it to the clipboard.

In conclusion, printing web pages in Safari on the iPhone 13 series is straightforward. With these simple steps, you can print your desired web pages easily.


How do I print a webpage as a PDF in Safari?
Open Safari and browse to the webpage you wish to save as PDF. ... Click on the Safari option bar at the top-left of your screen and go to “File” and “Export as PDF”Select a name and a location and click on “Save”
How do I print a PDF from Safari on my iPhone?
Open any page or image in your browser. Click the Share icon at the bottom centre of the screen.From the menu, click Options.Then, select PDF from the Options menu. ... Next, the below menu will appear. ... Then, click Save.Your PDF will then save to your iPhone.