How to Clear Tabs on iPad Safari

Tap and hold on the tab button. (For a long touch, hold down the Ctrl key and click and hold on the desired location on the device). Select the option to close all open tabs at once. Tap on Close Tab.

If you’re an iPad user, you know how easy it is to accumulate a bunch of tabs in Safari. Every time you open a website, it might open up in another tab, leaving you with several tabs open. But what if you want to close all those tabs at once? In this post, we’ll show you how you can quickly close all your other tabs in Safari on the iPad.

To get started, first, open up Safari on your iPad. You’ll see all the tabs you have open, which can be overwhelming. To clear all the tabs except the one you’re currently on, simply long-press on the tab you want to keep open. After holding down on the tab for a few seconds, you’ll see an option to close all the other tabs. Just tap on it, and voila! All your other tabs are closed, and you’re left with just the tab you wanted to keep open.

This method is much faster than tapping on each tab and hitting the X button to close it. Plus, it ensures that you don’t accidentally close the tab you want to keep open. With this simple trick, you can quickly declutter your Safari tabs and focus on the task at hand.

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We hope this post was helpful in teaching you how to clear tabs on iPad Safari. Instead of getting bogged down with all those tabs, you can now quickly close them and focus on what’s important.


How do I get rid of multiple Safari windows on my iPad?
To close Split View, tap the Multitasking button in the Safari window that you want to keep, then tap the full screen button . Or you can drag the app divider left or right over the Safari window that you want to close.