How to Clear Clipboard on iPhone

Have you ever copied something sensitive on your iPhone, and worried that someone might access it later by simply pasting it? Worry no more! In this post, we’ll show you how to clear your iPhone clipboard.

The simplest way to clear the clipboard is to replace the sensitive copied text with something nonsensical. For instance, if you copied a password, you can copy something random, and that will replace the password on your clipboard. This way, when someone tries to paste your clipboard history, they’ll only get the random text.

Another option involves using the Shortcuts app. First, open the app and tap the “+” icon at the top right. Then select “Add Action” and search for “nothing.” Tap on “nothing” and search for “clipboard.” Select “copy to clipboard.” This tells the shortcut to copy nothing to the clipboard, effectively resetting it. Name the shortcut “Clear Clipboard” and tap “done.” When you run the shortcut, it will clear your clipboard history.

To test the shortcut, go back to your notes and copy some text. Then tap the shortcut and look for the check icon to confirm it worked. Finally, go back to your notes and try pasting the copied text. If it doesn’t paste anything, the shortcut worked.

In conclusion, clearing the clipboard on your iPhone is simple and quick, and with the two methods described above, you have nothing to worry about when you copy sensitive information.


Does iPhone have a clipboard history?
While there's no built-in way to view more than one item in your iPhone's clipboard, you can record and retrieve everything you copy from this point onward. That way, you have a record of everything in case you need to recopy something important.