How to Play Pokemon on RetroArch

RetroArch is a popular multi-platform emulator that lets you play classic video games on your PC. With RetroArch, you can play all your favorite games from past consoles, including the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up RetroArch and play Pokemon on your PC.

Setting Up RetroArch

First, head over to and click on the download link. As of the latest version, 1.13.0, you can choose between the nightly or stable build, but we recommend the stable build. After downloading, begin the RetroArch setup process by accepting the license agreement and choosing where to install RetroArch on your PC. If you need to install DirectX, do so now, and choose whether or not to create any shortcuts.

Once the setup process is complete, locate the RetroArch folder on your PC and find the emulator icon. When you open RetroArch, you’ll notice the user interface looks a bit plain and unattractive. To change this, go to Settings > Drivers > Menu and switch from “Ozone” to “XMB.” Exit RetroArch and reopen it for the changes to take effect.

Playing NES Games

To play NES games, you’ll need to download a core emulator. Go to Load Core and download the Nintendo NES/Famicom Nestopia core. After installation, go back to the main menu and click on Show Desktop Menu. Right-click in the box and create a new playlist, naming it “NES” or “Nintendo Entertainment System.” Add the folder where your NES games are located and choose the Nestopia core as the emulator. RetroArch will then scan your games and add them to your playlist.

Adding Box Art

To make your playlist look more attractive, you can add box art for each of your games. Go to Online Updater > Playlist Thumbnails Updater and select your NES playlist. This process will take some time since RetroArch has to upload all the box art for your games. Once the download is complete, exit RetroArch and reopen it. Now, when you scroll through your playlist, you’ll see the box art for each game.

Fixing Missing Box Art

If you notice any of your games are missing box art, you can fix it manually. Locate the RetroArch folder on your PC and go to Thumbnails > Nintendo Entertainment System > Named Box Art. Find the game that’s missing box art and rename the image file to match the game name exactly.

Playing Pokemon

With RetroArch set up and your NES games added to your playlist, you’re ready to play Pokemon. Simply select the game you want to play from your playlist and start playing. To access the in-game menu, press the F1 key on your keyboard. From there, you can restart the game, save your progress, and even take screenshots.


With RetroArch, playing classic video games like Pokemon on your PC is easier than ever. Follow these steps to set up RetroArch, add your NES games to your playlist, and play to your heart’s content.


Can I play Pokemon on RetroArch?
Play Pokémon games on your Windows PC using RetroArch using many cores. It offers an easy interface to help you with the simple Pokémon game download. It offers a host of features such as shaders, net play, rewinding, next-frame response times, run-ahead, and much more.
How do you use RetroArch for Pokemon games?
Locate the folder containing your games and select the file ROM or ISO file for the game you want to play. To save your game, go to Command >, Save State Options and select Save State. To load a saved game, select Load State. You can switch games or emulators by going to File >, Load Core or File >, Load Content.
How do you set up RetroArch for Pokemon?
Open RetroArch and tap “Load Core.” Press “Core Download” and scroll down the list to find the emulator you want. Head back to the main menu and click “Load Content.” Find the file with your games and select the ROM or ISO file of the game you would like to play.