How to Play DVD from Computer to TV

If you have a new Smart TV and you want to watch your DVDs, blu-ray DVDs or music CDs without having to buy a separate DVD player, you’re in luck. You can watch them on your TV using your computer. In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that.

First, you’ll need an HDMI cable. You can hook it up to your TV by plugging it into the HDMI slot. Then, connect the other end of the cable to your computer’s HDMI out port.

Once connected, your computer screen will expand to your TV. You will see two screens on your computer, one that you can use and the other one that will be expanded over to your TV. Now, you can play your favorite videos or movies on your TV without needing any additional equipment.

To do this, simply insert your DVD or blu-ray DVD into your computer. It will bring up the VLC media player, which is almost on all devices. You can then drag the media player over to the screen and click on the little square to make it full screen. You can then click on the play button to start watching your DVD.

This method is a great way to play your DVDs on your Smart TV without the need for a DVD player or any additional equipment. You can enjoy your favorite movies or TV shows with high-quality picture and sound.

To sum it up, all you need is an HDMI cable and a computer to play DVDs on your new Smart TV. No need to spend extra money on equipment. So, try it out and enjoy watching your favorite movies on your TV.